Embed comparisons on your site with one line of code

You are writing a comparison about two products and you would like to add a nice side-by-side comparison table exactly like the ones vsChart.com?

For situations  like this we have wonderful new feature for you! Embed vsChart.com directly as an iFrame in a nice scrollable window. A bit similar like the common embedded YouTube videos.

An example, WordPress vs. Drupal:

The only line of code you have to copy to your site to get the comparison from above is:

<iframe width="480" height="315" src="http://vschart.com/f/compare/wordpress/vs/drupal" frameborder="0">

As you see just a plain solid iFrame. To get this code use the big “<embed/>” button in the right bar beside every comparison.

Of course you can adjust the size of this window to your needs. Use the width selector in the embed dialog or edit the width and height attribute values directly in the snippet.

By the way, obviously this is working with three or four-folded comparisons too!

If you just want the data in a plain HTML table, no problem either. Take the next tab “Copy HTML code” in the embed dialog.
The benefit of this is that you can customize everything. Strip, rename or alter rows, add custom cells or adopt your custom design. Just don’t forget to include the Creative Commons attribution.

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